Service Officer

Steve Muir

1st Vice Cmdr

Resource Development

Bill Morgan

The Executive Committee

Sgt At Arms

Rick Sessa


Tom Bednarczyk

Deputy Vice Cmdr


Chuck Blackburn

Deputy Vice Cmdr

Active Duty Support

Doug Pratt

Finance Officer

Mike Carton

Our Vision:

Serve veterans under the four pillars of the American Legion and take care of one another.


  • Nurture a culture of service to veterans and their families.

  • Strive to meet the needs of our fellow Post members and local area veterans

  • Provide support and assistance to veterans' programs.

  • Grow membership participation in the ongoing efforts of our Post

  • Partner with external organzations to improve Post programs.

  • Comply with Department, Division and District requirements.


Jim Hilty


Tom Balbert


Steve Ratti

Public Relations Officer

Kathy Roth

Judge Advocate

Doc Liberty

2nd Vice Cmdr


Al Lebiednik


"The Administrative affairs of The Richard H. Stewart, Jr. Post 543 of The American Legion shall  (except as may be otherwise provided by the By-Laws) be under the supervision of our Executive Committee which shall consist of the officers of the post".