Children and Youth

This committee shall be charged with aid and service to children within Brunswick County, cooperating with other established agencies in the community; laboring for the betterment of child conditions and in coordinating services and agencies in the community for the above purposes. To act as intermediary for the needy children of Brunswick County in obtaining the fulfillment of the Legion's pledge associated with this pillar of the American Legion.  The Committee chairman will report to the 1st Vice Commander.

National Defense and Americanism
The National Defense and Americanism Committee is charged with the encouragement of patriotic and civic instruction in schools, examples of which might be: supporting and assisting the staff of JROTC program at South Brunswick HS and classroom instruction at both the South Brunswick High School and Middle School. The Committee also supports the Naturalization of alien citizens; combat anti-American propaganda by education of the general public through public forums, activities.  The committee chairman will report to the 1st Vice Commander.

Veterans Memorial
The Veterans Memorial Committee shall insure the St James Veterans Memorial is properly maintained. As needed the committee shall assist the Post to raise funds for the memorial inclusive of the semiannual brick sales. If required as part of a fund raising effort the committee shall order any new bricks and have them installed in the Memorial walk.  The committee shall contract for all required services to maintain the existing brick walkway as well as any landscaping to keep the Veterans Memorial presentable at all times.  The Chairman of the committee will report to the Post Commander.

The Finance Committee shall be charged with the administration of the financial policy, preparation of budget recommendations and supervision of receiving, disbursing and accounting of all Post funds as well as the conduct of internal annual audits of the Post accounts. The Chairman of the committee will report to the Post Commander.


Mission Statement:  Improve the camaraderie of the Post by planning at least 4 social events and schedule guest speakers at every post General Membership Meeting which will be of benefit to the Post Legionnaires.

Honor Guard

​​The Honor Guard shall be charged with arrangements and conducting proper observance of patriotic occasions, for example community observations of Memorial Day and the St James 9/11 Remembrance and Veterans Day. Examples of the duties of the Honor Guard are to insure the proper presentation of the National Colors and Standards at appropriate meetings and parades, participation of Post members and organizations in local parades and providing appropriate honors and other rituals outlined in the Manual of Ceremonies-burial detail. The Honor Guard is responsible to maintain and secure all equipment acquired for ceremonies (flags, holders, stands etc.). The Honor Guard shall set and enforce the standard for wearing of the Legion uniforms and regalia.  The Honor Guard will coordinate all Post involvement in ceremonies, parades and funerals with proper external organizations.  The committee chair will report to the Adjutant.

Veteran's Assistance
Post 543 will assist veterans and their spouses in need of counseling, direction, financial Assistance. Assistance can be in the form of counseling, bill payment, transportation, etc. and/or a referral to the many relief organizations in Brunswick or New Hanover Counties.However, we will follow the guidelines established by other Brunswick County American Legion Post, and do not provide direct payment of cash to the applicant.

Active Duty Support

​This committee's mission is to develop events that will enable Active Duty Personnel and their families to participate in activities that may be beyond their means or ease burdens that impact their lives.  We work closely with Military Commands to meet the needs of those determined by the Command to require assistance that will improve the quality of life.  It requires a close and cooperative dialogue to ensure that only the most needy are assisted. 


The Veteran to Veteran (V2V) program connects Brunswick County military veterans experiencing transition issues, with other veterans who have experienced many of the same issues and had them resolved.
The  V2V Program team is comprised of knowledgeable, seasoned volunteer veterans who based on their military service and experiences can effectively empathize with their fellow veterans and help them navigate through the many complex procedures when seeking assistance.

Post Committees